22 Aug 2013

Dragon City Hack All You Own ( Gems , Dragon , Etc )

Be prepared, it will be a long post.

This new way for play dc allow you to make all you want, like place habitat where you want, get free eggs & dragons & choose habitat & hack gems. 

You can also get unreleased dragons, like this

You will need some tools for make all things work.

-Charles: Download a Free Trial of Charles ? Charles Web Debugging Proxy
-Xampp: XAMPP | Free Development software downloads at SourceForge.net
-Notepad++: Notepad++ Home

Install those tools.

-Now, go on facebook, open dragoncity, make a right click on the page, and click on view the frame source. Copy all the page and paste it into a new notepad++ document. 

-Save this document on a .php extension and save it on the "htdocs" folder of xampp.

-Now, it will be a little bit more hard  . In both pages, you will need to replace some url.

-in your document delete the two line in white (line 505 & 506)
-search \/dragoncity\/web\/translations_as & add: http:\/\/dc-canvas.socialpointgames.com before \/
-search for '{"cdn":"http' , and, in the url replace "default01.static.com" by "int-dc.socialpointgames.com"

Open Charles & launch your page, something like this:

Look at this part in charles: 

The swf file will be in red in your Charles, just right click on it & click on map local, put the .swf that i gave to you. 

Follow this for learn how to map local: [TUT] Local Mapping (using Charles)

You play now on socialpoint test server, no hacks are patched here, you can do what you want. In the swf that i hack, i enabled the editor mode, it allow you to place building where you want, like this:

Perhaps that you will get a problem with the tutorial at the beginning, just push on รน key, it will open the admin panel, & click on c tutorial one times or more & reload, if not work, just retry. 

The pvpisland don't work on this server, i didnt find a way for fix it  sorry about this. And you can't visit friends island. 
I made a hack centralisation for this, just download the exe: (you need to extract the rar)

Hack exe Download
Mega download: http://adfoc.us/16914030687840
4Shared Download: http://adfoc.us/16914031827392

Swf download:
Mega: http://adfoc.us/16914031827329
4Shared: http://adfoc.us/16914031827303

If somebody success, please, help you between you.

THANKS : SuperDrac Not My Own Hack But I Get From SuperDrac ( Friend On Forum )
Judul Dragon City Hack All You Own ( Gems , Dragon , Etc )
Deskripsi Be prepared, it will be a long post. This new way for play dc allow you to make all you want, like place habitat where you want, get free ...
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  1. Ga Ada Versi Ce y bang


  2. tutor video'a dishare aja kasian jg itu yg ga mudeng. . .mw coba, cm liat banyak bahan yg harus di DL jd lemes dluan. . next time aja x yah LOL!!!

  3. Nice.. thanks for sharing this helpfull web :2thumbup

  4. :bingung bang Enggak Ada Tutor lewat video ??? :matabelo

  5. tau caranya tapi gatau bahasanya. gpp mantep deeh :2thumbup

  6. Liat Postnya Bikin Pusing Gan :matabelo

  7. :sup2: up dulu walaupun kagak ngerti :ngakak: :ngacir:

  8. Not work for me. How to fix it?

  9. ternyata yang dipake akunnya deus... :2thumbup

  10. Please video..

  11. bingung ,,,min top eleven dong ,,
    jaya selalu

  12. bingung ,,,min top eleven dong ,,
    jaya selalu

  13. bingung ,,,min top eleven dong ,,
    jaya selalu

  14. friend did not understand this part
    document delete the two blank lines (line 505 and 506) in
    Search \ / dragoncity \ / \ / web translations_as and add: http: \ / \ / dc-canvas.socialpointgames.com before \ /
    -search for '{"CDN": "http", and replace the url "default01.static.com" with "int-dc.socialpointgames.com"

    you could make a video lesson please.

  15. add me on facebook

  16. Open Charles & launch your page, something like this:

  17. :hammer i dont undertsnad it

    please make video

  18. gan di charles ane waktu di expand isinya default semua ?
    ane pake google chrome

  19. itu berarti facebook loe payah :ngakak



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